Our school Exam Week has been ‘compressed’ into three days in order to reduce disruption to students following the COVID Alert Level changes and the dates adjusted to be in line with the NetNZ Online Learning Exams.

The new dates are confirmed as Tuesday 28th September - Thursday 30th September.

It is exceptionally important that students prepare well for these assessments as NZQA plans to use ‘derived grades’ from these exams as actual grades should we face an Alert Level 3 or 4 situation during the actual NCEA Exam period. As such, we will be running a formal exam setting so that the grades from the in-school exam period can meet the criteria for verification by NZQA should our Alert Levels change unexpectedly.

The exam timetable is set up as follows:

TimeLocationTuesday 28thWednesday 29thThursday 30th
Morning Sessions
9 am - 12 pm
Level 1 Drama
Level 2 Drama
Level 3 Drama
Level 3 Geography
Level 2 English
Digi Tech RoomLevel 1 English
Level 2 Classics
Level 1 History
Level 2 Health
Level 1 Social Studies
Level 3 Health
Afternoon Sessions
1 pm - 4 pm
MPRLevel 1 ScienceLevel 1 Home Economics
Level 3 Biology
Level 3 Physics
Level 1 MCAT (Mathematics)
Level 2 Chemistry
Level 2 Home Economics
Level 3 Chemistry
Level 3 Home Economics
Digi Tech RoomLevel 3 EnglishLevel 3 History

Students only need to attend school during the exam times they are enrolled for. Students should attend in uniform. For a morning exam, students should arrive at 8.45am, for an afternoon session, students should arrive at 12.45pm.

Students are welcome to attend school, using an allocated study space during the exam period in order to prepare for their exams. This time can also be used to meet with teachers regarding ongoing internal assessments. This is strongly encouraged for those studying Art and Technology, Mrs Frost and Mr White have set aside time and space to assist you with ongoing assessment work.

Following the Exam period, reports will be written by teachers in Week 1 of Term 4, and Conferences with Mentors will be scheduled for Week 2 of Term 4. These dates have been set back from the original Term 3 dates as a result of the COVID disruptions.

For questions about NCEA Exams, please make contact with Michele O’Carroll ([email protected]), as teacher in charge of NCEA. You can also download a pdf version of this information here:  Exam Week Parent Letter