Our senior students are sitting their mock exams, both digital and paper, next week. Information regarding exams, together with an exam timetable can be found here.

The exam timetable is set up as follows:

Time/PeriodMonday 12thTuesday 13thWednesday 14thThursday 15thFriday 16th
9 am
Level 1 Commerce
Level 1 Geography

P1Level 1 Science
Level 2 Biology
Level 2 Chemistry
Level 1 Food (Digi)
Level 1/3 ArtLevel 1 MCAT

Level 2 Food (Digi)
Level 2 MathematicsLevel 3 History
1 pm
Level 3 Physics
Level 1 Health
Level 1 English (D)
Level 2/3 English

Level 1/3 Drama

Students only need to attend school during the exam times they are enrolled for. Students should attend in uniform and should arrive in good time.

Students are welcome to attend school, using an allocated study space during the exam period in order to prepare for their exams. This time can also be used to meet with teachers regarding ongoing internal assessments.

For questions about NCEA Exams, please make contact with Michele O’Carroll ([email protected]), as the teacher in charge of NCEA.