After working through the ePro8 classroom challenge for a week, it was finally time for ākonga in Room 5 to face the ePro8 internal challenge where the teams would be competing against each other to win overall.

The students had three challenges to choose from, the scarecrow, the decision-maker or the concrete truck. Each of these challenges had a range of criteria that the teams had to meet and points that were allocated to each. When a team felt they had met the criteria they could push their ‘big red button’ that blasted their theme song across the classroom. Mr Potter and Miss McAuley could then check that they met the criteria and award the points. 

In the end, two teams tied for first place after completing all the criteria for the decision-maker within the 2-hour limit. 

Congratulations to Team Technical (Felix, Romy, Mia, Arlo) and Team Breakfast Buddies (Ruby, Zoe, Elyh, Noah).

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What was your favourite part of EPro8?
What is something new that you learned?


I think that the caveman cars were fun to build  because the criterias were challenging but fun ( and because the rubber bands making it move on its own were odd.) Also the swings were fun because of how big they were.


My favourite part of epro8 was doing the internal event and making the decision-maker because it could make decisions for me :D


I think that the caveman cars were challenging to build because the criteria was confusing.


I liked making the caveman cars because I liked making the roof and screwing in the bolts and making the wheels.I also liked building the bridge because I liked putting the blue joiners on.


My favourite part of epro8 was building the bridge because the criteria was difficult. I also liked the EPro8 challenge.


I liked building in my team because it was challenging but fun. I also liked building the swing because it was tall.


I think building the caveman car was challenging. I also liked the 400 metre run because we got to race in the end.


My favourite part of epro8 was building the caveman car because it is interesting and challenging.


I liked running the 400 metre run because I like running.

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