Room 5 ākonga have been busy with their co2 car project this term and Friday last week was Race Day, with every student taking on important roles at the event from Security through to Race Starters! 🏎 🏁

Last Friday, we finally got to go to the events centre to race our CO2 dragsters that we had been working on all term. We turned up and everything was ready. We placed our cars by their cards got ourselves ready to do our jobs. My job was the finish line clearer. I had to unthread the cars at the finish line when they raced. 

We started with 6 races. The winners of those races went to the next round for another race. Eventually, we made it to the final race which was Dom and Jacob versus Angie and Bailey. 

The winner was Jacob and Dom. 

By Kuinsa

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co2 Race Results
FirstDom and Jacob
SecondAngie and Bailey
ThirdDarcy and Nina
Best Car Design
Gus, Arlo and Kirin
Best Decorated
Ruby and Zoe