Room 13 students went to visit Mrs. Holden’s class to see her turtle, Chaos, last Thursday. After their visit, the class wrote about Chaos and their thoughts. Here is a selection...

Turtles are very quiet. But when they are angry, they sometimes start to hiss like Chaos. She does not like noise and She is very sensitive. She will nip you if you put your hand over her. Most people think she is slow, but when she gets a move on, she speeds up.  She has webbed feet to help her swim. When she is frightened she goes into her shell to hide from predators.

By Aaron Cookson.

Other turtles are slow, but Chaos is fast. Faster than a lizard. Make sure that you are quiet!! Keep clear of her claws. Chaos is 14 years old.

By Oisīn Lemon

Chaos is Mrs Holden's turtle. She is a red eared slider. She has a hard shell, dark green skin, claws, a long neck and an underbelly. She is very sensitive to loud noises. When she is scared her head pops into her shell. She is 14 years old. When she is angry she hisses.

By Georgie Bradbury