This week's M4 Camp went ahead, although they were forced to head back to Twizel a day earlier than planned due to Mother Nature's hand!

Friday's activities started off having a day based in and around school. The morning was an exercise in learning about listening and taking care of each other. The second activity was setting up an orienteering course for the seniors at the river and then taking part in a group activity involving working as a team, crossing a rope above the river and a bit of kayaking. 

On Monday we packed our packs and set off on the tramp. We were to walk up Sawyers Creek to the bushline then up to a campsite at 1570m. The forecast was good for Day One with a south-easterly coming in overnight. The plan was to go high to the tops along ridges which looked unlikely with the weather but we were not going to waste a beautiful day. We set off through rough bush up Sawyers and then onto rocky scree and alpine scrub. Getting to our camp, we admired the view while watching the weather coming in. 

It was a warm night but we had pitched our tents well preparing for the incoming colder weather. During the night we could hear the rain and drizzle and we woke to a mist that limited visibility, although we had planned for this and ate a warm breakfast before packing our wet tents into our bags. Descending slowly back down Sawyers the students learned about how to walk safely on wet and moving rocks. We arrived back at school at 4.30 pm and had a nice sleep in our own beds. 

Our final day on camp involved a blindfolded group trek along the Temple track which involved taking turns at being a leader and taking responsibility for our blindfolded team as we moved along a track that provided us with plenty of challenges.

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