In the first full week of the new school year, there has been plenty of learning happening in the Middle School classes...

M3 Healthy Lunches

M3 students are learning about healthy lunches this term and have been cooking a chicken and pesto pasta salad.

They are seen here exhibiting some amazing knife skills while preparing their vegetables, using the claw method to ensure they keep their fingers away from blades. 

Awesome mahi M3!



M2 Bird Boxes

With the help of our new technology teacher Mr van Mulbregt, M2 students have designed and are building their own bird boxes. Students have learned new skills including how to use the drill press and scroll saw.

We can't wait to see the finished product!



M1 Robotics

Robotics is underway for M1 students, using coding and maths to send the robots around the track. They were a small group, but very keen. 

Robotics M1