This lockdown has been an interesting hiccup for the Board. Our fourth meeting has had to be postponed and we missed out on some professional development when the Area Schools Conference was cancelled. But, in the scheme of things, these were very minor and recoverable.

We did manage to visit Maniototo Area School in Ranfurly before we sheltered in our homes.  It was an interesting experience, but I came away very thankful that from the start the Ministry agreed that we needed a total rebuild. Maniototo started with an agreement for a replacement of one block but then it changed to a whole school.  I did enjoy seeing how modern, bright, open spaces can improve the learning experiences for students and teachers.  

It has been a very busy time for the staff at the school and that will continue for some time as we move down through the levels.  I am very grateful to Mrs Staniford and the staff for the effort they have put in to ensure that students’ needs are met, especially at the beginning when things had to be put in place very quickly.  I am sure that parents realise that the staff are doing their very best and will remain tolerant of any small glitches that occur. These are very trying times but please keep safe and well.

Joy Paterson
Chair, Board of Trustees