How’s it going, everyone? Welcome back to Week 7. 

Firstly, for house points, Pūkaki is in third place with 1281, second place Ruataniwha with 1361 and first, surprisingly, Ōhau with 1376. I’m also thrilled to see how the students are showing more house spirit than in previous years.

House Competitions will happen a lot more this year. At the end of every term on the last period on the last Thursday, weather permitting, we will end the term with Tug Of War, which I see can be something that everyone can enjoy and bring the term to a close.

 As we know, the way House Captains have been changed to a system this year, there will be two main House Captains who will oversee the Senior and Middle Schools, and there is a new Junior House Captain who will deputise the House Captains and their main focus will be the Junior School. The House Captains will also help nominate people for a future “Leading the House” award

So, I would like to congratulate the following people; 

  • Ōhau’s House Captains have Dave White and Saidie Mason, along with Junoir House Captain Lulu Dodds. 
  • Pukaki, the House Captains are Corbin Lloyd and Bryn Smit, alongside Paige Firman. 
  • Finally, for Ruataniwha, we have Jackson Parata and Kiara Thyne with Jazmine Baikie.

I am positive that these selected people will work well together and prevail. 

House Captains are always there to help you in any house-related situation at school.

Have a great week.

Ariki Purton,
Waka Leader 2024