Term One news from the Junior School, including dates, assemblies, and the Junior Swimming Display.

There have been some big changes in the junior school over the holidays. It is fair to say that a lot of furniture has been moved and the Junior School has had the biggest change around it’s probably had in 15 years. Mrs Reid has moved into Room 6, Miss Smith has moved into Room 5, Miss Sargeant has moved into Room 4 and Miss Wise and Miss Hooper have stayed in the same classrooms, Room 13 and Room 9.  We would also like to officially welcome Miss Neill who is teaching in Room 7.  The students are enjoying their new spaces and getting to know their new teachers. 

In Term 1 we require students to be wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat at appropriate times like playtimes, lunchtimes and when outside doing PE. Can you please ensure that your child has a named hat at school? 

Term 1 is always a busy term with things like swimming, athletics, other sports and settling-in reports happening.  With swimming starting, students will need to bring their togs each day.

It looks like this summer is going to continue to be a hot one, so for the safety of all students, can you please ensure that your student has a named water bottle at school?   This will ensure your student stays hydrated.

Also at the start of the year, it is really important that you name all of your uniform and items that you bring to school to avoid things ending up in the lost property.

Melissa McLellan
Assistant Principal

Important Dates
  • Friday, 9th February  - Swimming Sports - Year 4 - 13
  • Thursday, 22nd February  - TAS Athletics Year 5 - 13
  • Friday, 1st March - Upper Waitaki Swimming Sports 
  • Monday, 8th March - Junior Swimming Display

Junior Swimming Display

The Junior school will be having a swimming display on Monday the 8th of March starting at 1:45 pm. It would be great if you could join us.

Junior Assemblies 

Junior assembly will start on Wednesday, 14th February.  This will be in the Theatre at the Events Centre at the same time as last year at 2:30 pm. Sometimes classes will share classwork, depending on the work they have completed that week. Within the classes, some students will feel more comfortable sharing and others will not want to share just yet.  

See below for the timetable for the term. Each class has a turn at leading Junior Assembly.

Week / DateRoom

Week 3 - 14th February

Room 4
Week 4 - 21st FebruaryRoom 5
Week 5 - 28th FebruaryRoom 13
Week 6 - 6th MarchRoom 7
Week 7 - 13th MarchNo Assembly - Life Education Visits
Week 8 - 20th MarchRoom 9
Week 9 - 27th MarchRoom 6
Week 10 - 3rd AprilNo Assembly

Making Appointments with Teachers

If you would like to make an appointment with a teacher you should email them to organise a time. Please remember that sometimes we will require time to organise this with other teachers.

Email addresses are as below:

Room 5 - Brooke Smith  [email protected]

Room 6 - Sharon Reid   [email protected]

Room 9 - Desiree Hooper [email protected]

Room 13 - Olivia Wise [email protected]

Room 4 - Amanda Sargeant  [email protected]

Room 7 - Melissa Neill [email protected]

AP - Melissa McLellan  [email protected]