In their final lab session of the year, M3 students got hands-on with a chemical reaction known as 'Elephant Toothpaste'! 🐘

The phenomenon known as Elephant Toothpaste arises from a carefully orchestrated chemical reaction when the interplay of hydrogen peroxide, dishwasher liquid, and yeast unfolds before our eyes.

It begins with introducing hydrogen peroxide, a powerful oxidizing agent, into the experimental milieu. As hydrogen peroxide decomposes, it vigorously releases oxygen gas. Adding dishwasher liquid to the concoction amplifies the spectacle, which traps and encapsulates the evolving oxygen, creating a frothy and effervescent mixture.

The pivotal role of yeast in this experiment cannot be understated. Acting as a catalyst, yeast facilitates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by providing a surface for the reaction to occur. This accelerates the release of oxygen, resulting in a visually striking eruption reminiscent of a toothpaste fountain, hence the name "elephant toothpaste."