Last week, M4 students visited the Dark Sky Project in Tekapo, delving into the celestial wonders to learn about our nation's rich astronomical history. This venture deepened their understanding of space and highlighted Aotearoa's heritage of exploring the cosmos through constellations.

The focal point of our trip was a remarkable 129-year-old telescope, a relic steeped in history that provided a glimpse into the skies of yesteryears. Our students, immersed in hands-on learning, delved into the varying sizes of stars and unravelled the fascinating life cycle of the sun.

The trip allowed our M4 ākonga to witness the intricate marvels of space while reinforcing constellations' profound role in Aotearoa's exploration narrative. The journey ignited curiosity and sparked an enduring fascination for the mysteries beyond our planet.

As we reflect on this enriching experience, we celebrate the students' engagement, curiosity, and their eagerness to unravel the secrets of the universe. We commend the students' enthusiasm for hands-on learning and their cosmos exploration.

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