Students in Rooms 9 and 13 welcomed Cody Thyne and Kip from DoC last week to learn about Dog Safety and Wildlife Protection.🐕

Kip, a remarkable 7-year-old German Shepherd Pointer, dazzled us with her abilities. In human years, she's a wise 49-year-old with an extraordinary sense of smell that enables her to track animals and predators effortlessly.

Cody and Kip shared invaluable insights on dog safety, emphasising how we can foster a secure environment for dogs and humans. Being more than just a working dog, Kip showcased her impressive repertoire of tricks, captivating the attention of all present. Brianna from Room 9 and Alice from Room 13 even had the privilege of taking the lead, guiding Kip through her commands.

To express our gratitude, students from Room 9 and Room 13 crafted heartfelt thank-you cards for Cody and Kip. We are genuinely thankful for the informative session on safety measures and Kip's crucial role in protecting our community's wildlife. Cody and Kip, we appreciate the valuable lessons you shared with us! Also, a big thanks to Marianne Marot for organising the visit for us.