Last Wednesday, we held an adapted version of Upper Waitaki Athletics after the weather prevented the event from happening the week before. It was great to see all our TAS students trying their hardest. 👍

Currently, we are awaiting the result from the other three schools to select the top 2-3 students per age and event that made the standard to compete at North Otago Athletics on 20th November. We hope to have these selections available on Friday afternoon. 

Below are some placings from the day.

Placed 1st in an event:

Alexis, Immy, Seb, Joe, Kaliyah, Dayne, Sophie, Sukrit, Orlando, Sapphire, Ivy, Harriet, Henry W, Ollie W, Bailey, Ashleigh, Noah, Isla, Emma, Mali, Leithen, Ruby, Kanoa, Noah W, Ryder, Henry S, Dayne, Rosie, Andre, Skye, Maddie, Jaxon, Paige, Keria, Mali.

Placed 2nd in an event:

Rosie, Ruby, Jaxon, Mason, Mali, Ryder, Miley, Alakai, Efa, Dayne, Zoe, Noah S, Troy, Nya, Theo, Henry W, Efa, Jun, Ashleigh, Arlo, Paige, Sapphire, Henry S, Ollie W, Noah W, Poppy, Baxter, Jacob, Felix, Emilie, Leithen.

Placed 3rd in an event:

Mali, Ryder, Elyh, Troy, Audra, Joe, Emilie, Leithen, Maddie, Kanoa, Mason, Murphy, Seb, Harriet, Oisin, Baxter, Tia, Stevie, Darcy, Ruby, Tom, Tye, Ivy, Theo, Poppy, Joe, Ollie, Nina, Jacob, Isla, Sukrit, Noah, Theo, Ayesha, Alakai, Dani, Paige, Felix.

I look forward to reporting to you all who have been selected to represent the Waitaki zone in Oamaru.

Chelsea Lousley,
Sports Coordinator



For more photos from the day, check out this article from last week's newsletter: Athletics Goes Ahead After Cold Snap