Head Student Billy has a reminder about this week's Junior Athletics in Kurow and the start of next week's NCEA exams for our senior students.

Kia ora, 

Welcome back to another week at Twizel Area School. The tumultuous weather has set the mood at school, with stress and emotions running high with exams and other activities. I hope everyone had fun and feels accomplished with the Upper Waitaki Athletics that took place yesterday. Also, good luck to everyone attending the Junior Athletics tomorrow in Kurow. 

It is the last week of school for our senior school as we will be on leave. This leave is strictly for studying, of course. NCEA exams are right around the corner, but I’m sure everyone who is concerned about this is more than aware. Myself included. So I will simply say good luck everyone! Not that luck has anything to do with it. 

This study-based departure also includes our lovely and wonderful Head Student team. Sadly, the exams hit us the hardest, and it would be difficult to focus on both our studies and duties. So I announce, with great sombre, that this must be our last newsletter. In the end, everything dies; thereby, farewell all. But do not worry, for you shall hear from us one last time before the year’s end. 

Kia pai te wiki! 

Head Student,
Billy Garbutt

2023 Exam Timetable

You can download your timetable here: https://bit.ly/3FCVmCs. The exam timetable is also available to students via the school portal and the SchoolBridge app. 📱💻