Last week, our M1 Year 7 class had an adventure-filled week; read some of their writing and reflections on their week around Temple Valley and Aoraki Mount Cook.

On Monday, they explored the Temple Valley picnic area, and on Thursday and Friday, at Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, where we stayed at Unwin Lodge, the New Zealand Alpine Club facility south of the village. Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our adventures.


We were originally going to go on camp for 2 nights, one in a tent, the other one at Unwin Lodge. It was called off because of the weather. Mrs Nelson and Karati had to change the plan. On Monday we ended up setting up our tents in the rain and going on the South Temple walk. I learned different types of plants in the outdoors like Tanekaha, NZ Mistletoe. 

Stevie Fincham-Putter

Sadly our original plan from our tramp on Monday but we did go to the Temple Valley. When we arrived the first thing we did was build our tents in the rain which weren't so bad. Then we had some lunch before we went out on a walk. We learnt about lots of different plants like “Tanekaha” which helps cure sickness.

Kuinsa Williams


I learnt lots about all the old roads, bridges and buildings that had been destroyed in various storms and accidents.

Dani Lloyd

We had a sheet of card with questions about the history of the Aoraki Mount Cook Road. One of places on it that we stopped at was the big rock with the plaque on it about when the road was made in 1975.

Troy Smith


On Wednesday we did Governor's Bush then moved on to the Red Tarns. A small group of people went further up. we had a snow fight, When we called it off it was time to head back.

Harvey Feck

We did the Governors Bush walk for the start of camp . It was fun and not hard at all because me and Zoe were distracted the whole time trying to look for the little signs that say the name and Māori name for the plants while Suki shot up to the top of the group. After  that we did the Red Tarns walk. It was a bit hard with all of the stairs but I made it to the very top. There was so much snow there and I had a great lunch and a good time. My favourite part of the walk was when we were all at the top we were allowed to have a snowball fight. One thing I learned when we went on this walk was that you can drink the snow water, and that helped later in the walk when me and Zoe ran out of water. 

Sophie Scarlett


We did the Tasman Glacier lookout track and we saw the International Space Station go over and we went to the Te  Awa Whakamau Tasman River mouth and we were able to pick up some floating ice in the Tasman Lake and we examined the ice to see what we could find inside of it

Zavier Beaumont

I think we all liked the night walk to Tasman River. On the way back it started to get a little dark so we had to start using our lights but it was so exciting.

Blake Meyerhoff


I learned that there was a ghost in the Hooker Hut and the guide Peter Graham experienced it later on. Mrs Nelson read us the story the next day and it ended up being a tea towel or they say so? 

Zoe Wilson

Hooker Valley was an amazing valley. We went to the hut and found out it was haunted.  The track was fun also and I enjoyed the camp. Surprisingly the hut was small.

Maddie Donaldson

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