Room 5 enjoyed their day, skiing at Ōhau this week. They were fortunate enough to get above the inversion layer, to have a great day. Every student tried something new, and by the end of the day, everyone was able to ski down the Magic Carpet.

We found this was a great opportunity to be able to display our WAKA values in a wide range of different ways. A big thank you to Mrs Frost and the awesome group of parent helpers that made the day possible.


On Monday the 4th of September Room 5 went skiing at Ōhau. Before my lesson I went on the chairlift with my mum two times then we had to go to our lesson. I was in the highest group with Noah, Arlo and Finn. We went straight up the chairlift and went down the Sun Run and the Powder Bank. I had heaps of fun. I hit all the jumps I saw. After our lesson me, Elyh, Arlo and Noah went to the pomma and skied there.


Skiing was very fun. I got to learn how to ski. It took a while for me to get my lesson. I fell over a lot and I  finally learned how to ski. I first learned how to make a pizza and sidestep, then I learned how to turn. To get up to the slope we went on the magic carpet, then we skied down. My good friend Finn started teaching me how to do other things. It was hard but I got it in the end.


We went skiing on Monday. It was fun. I liked the trip. I saw Finn helping Joe and Elyh.


On Monday Room 5 went skiing. It was so much fun. I finally learnt how to ski. I was really proud of myself.  When I first went down I was so nervous but I went down and then I couldn't stop going up and down the hill.

Room5 Skiing1

Room5 Skiing10