Head and Deputy Head students Monique and Emily look forward to some upcoming events. Also, a reminder regarding Derived Grade Exams for our hard-working senior students.

Kia Ora, 

We have been pleased with the language being used at school; it is a great improvement from a few months ago. Keep it up, everyone. 

We have a few events coming up: the September Crazy Hair Day, a fundraiser for kids with cancer in NZ; keep an eye out for the date. We also have a movie night coming up for Halloween, so seniors, please take the time to fill out the Google form that has been sent to you. 

The two Young Enterprise Scheme groups have also come together to make a raffle with an assortment of candles, soaps and bath bombs. Be sure to grab a ticket once they are available to help support our business students!

Gold Tiki

As you all know, derived grade exams are creeping up very fast, so take this next week to study, ask questions and keep up the good mahi we are sure you have been doing all year. You never know when you might have to use your derived grade results at the end of the year, so do try as hard as you can. 

Billy and Monique have also made a spreadsheet to show when different after-school sports activities are on; feel free to email either of us if there is anything we have missed. We aim to update it weekly. 

Billy - [email protected] 

Monique - [email protected]


We hope everyone has another great week; stay kind, work hard and remember to stay awesome! 

Head and deputy head students,
Monique and Emily