Last week, Room 9 students enjoyed some Kitchen Science fun when they were gifted a cookbook by parent Mel Schauer. Who knew so much fun could be had?

In our initial experiment, we investigated the buoyancy of eggs in various solutions. Initially, we observed that an egg placed in a cup of water would submerge, but interestingly, when we introduced salt into the water and repeated the process, the egg began to float. This observation sparked a series of experiments in which the children of Room 9 formulated hypotheses, tested their ideas, and meticulously recorded their observations.

In another captivating experiment, the students of Room 9 explored the interaction between static electricity and lightweight materials. They ingeniously employed a balloon to demonstrate this phenomenon. By tearing a piece of tissue paper, crafting a whimsical illustration upon it, and affixing one end to the table's surface, they created a delicate apparatus. Through a series of iterative trials, the students discovered that generating static electricity by rubbing the balloon against their hair for approximately 3-5 seconds, and then positioning it carefully over the thin tissue paper, induced captivating vertical oscillations.

The tamariki had a great time and our thanks goes to Mel for gifting the cookbook!

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