This week-long event was aimed at raising awareness about the harmful effects of bullying, encouraging empathy, and empowering students to become advocates for positive change.

Students from Years 1 -10 spent some time during the week thinking about bullying and the effect it has. They created a square for our kindness quilt which will be put together in house colours and displayed in our school.  Students also nominated others when they witnessed acts of kindness around the school and the kindness bucket was overflowing.  

Time was spent doing the Bully Free Week colouring competition and on Friday we all celebrated our learning with an assembly marking Pink Shirt Day.  We awarded prizes for the colouring competition and pulled names out of the kindness bucket to see what amazing acts of kindness were going on around our school.  It was fantastic to see so many of our students displaying our school values.  

Thank you to everyone that helped support this event.

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