We're excited to announce our upcoming Sporting Raffle, an initiative aimed at raising funds to support various sporting opportunities and to acquire essential equipment for our school sports programmes.🏀🏓🏅

Sports play a pivotal role in the development and well-being of students. They promote physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and instil important life skills. Recognising the importance of sports in a well-rounded education, Twizel Area School is committed to providing diverse sporting opportunities for our students.

The proceeds from the Sporting Raffle will directly contribute to enhancing these opportunities. By raising funds, the school will be able to organise inter-school competitions, tournaments, and sports clinics, allowing students to engage in a variety of sporting opportunities.

Prizes are as follows:

The oldest child from each family will receive a raffle sheet for your family to sell and we ask that these are returned to school by 28th June 2023

The easiest way is for you to collect the money, then deposit the full amount into the school bank account (06-0966-0083000-00) with your child's name as a reference, and that the payment is for the Sports Raffle.

In the heart of Twizel, the power of community collaboration and support is often demonstrated through various initiatives. Among these, the Twizel Area School Sporting Raffle stands out as a shining example of local businesses coming together to support the growth and development of our children. With immense gratitude, we extend our sincerest thanks to all the generous businesses that have contributed to this Sporting Raffle. 🙏