Room 8 students have been demonstrating their WAKA values through many activities and also working through the Kindness Bingo, culminating in a reward on Friday.

Firstly, you can see students working through a challenge to get our class Rocket Ship up and running ready for "take off". This combined Science, Technology, Engineering/English and Maths (STEM) and lots of perseverance. 

Secondly, Charlotte and Aurora taught the class how to use the phonics folder. They had so much fun testing it out! They found lots of rhyming words and pictures.

Thirdly, we welcomed Rm 9 in to start our "buddy reading" and strengthen our Awhinataka by fostering tuakana-teina (relationships with others). What a special thing to do and the pictures demonstrate what this looks like in our classes.

Finally, we have been further developing our fraction knowledge by using dinosaurs, cars and an abacus to show equal sharing.  This maths group quickly worked out counting up in 5's what 1/2 of 100 while the other group played maths games using cards and snakes and later. What awesome Mathematicians you all are! You can even hear some discussion in a snippet of a video at the start of the activity.

Img 2571

Img 2558