Ākonga from M2 and M3 headed off on camp last week after weather conditions had shortened and delayed their trip. 🏕️ 🌦️ That didn't dampen their enthusiasm for camp though, after the COVID cancellations earlier in the year!

We headed to the Huxley camp and put on our packs and walked to the Temple Base Camp. The rivers were still high but the weather was clearing and you can see from the photos we got some blue sky. We pitched our tents, had lunch and walked up the Temple Loop Track then diverted towards Ram Hill. It was 'challenge by choice' as the path got steeper and a majority of students elected to scramble up the ridge with Mr Frost which proved exciting. On return to camp after the steep climb, students cooked their dinner. In the evening students had the opportunity to complete the 'Alone' challenge which meant some quiet time in the bush alone just listening to the sounds of nature, or having a quick sleep. We then came back to camp for the inevitable games of Spotlight until bedtime.

In the morning we packed up our bags and walked to Huxley Camp, had lunch and then it was time for a swim at Lake Middleton before heading back to school. 

It was great to be with such an energetic group.

M2 3camp5

M2 3camp3

M2 3camp2