Ka pai to everyone who showed off their amazing work at last week's Junior Assembly and for the awesome mahi you show, displaying your WAKA values.🤩 Students also celebrated those who competed in the Upper Waitaki Athletics, and those selected to represent TAS at Otago.🏃🏼‍♂️

Our Star Students this week were:

  • Kyine Morris-Bamber - Ārahi
  • Pippa Burke - Whānaukataka
  • Sapphire Denny - Awhinataka
  • Theo Brown - Ārahi
  • Charlotte Bee - Awhinataka
  • Suki Clearwater - Whānaukataka

Just a reminder that the new time for Junior Assembly is 12-12.30 pm in the Community Events Centre.

18 Nov Assembly7

18 Nov Assembly5

18 Nov Assembly6