On Thursday 17th November, ākonga from Rooms 9 and 13 headed to Aoraki Mount Cook, having been learning about Antarctica and Antarctica's link to Aoraki in class. It was a great day and it sounds like everyone had an awesome time in the National Park.🏔️

Matua Metcalfe has been teaching our classes about the purakau of Aoraki as well.  We had a fantastic time in Aoraki, walking out to the Tasman Glacier Lake to learn about icebergs and glaciers.  It was fabulous to have a real geologist (Mike Bacchus) with us to give us some information.  

After lunch at the shelter, we headed to the Hermitage Museum to watch a movie about Maori pūrākau.  We learnt a lot from Bob Burgess about Sir Edmund Hillary's tractor that he took to the south pole.  What luck that he was our bus driver that day.  Everyone had a fabulous day and learnt so much. 

Thank you to all the parents who came to help us on the day.

You can read Room 9 students' recount of the day here:

Summer | The interesting part about the museum was the typewriter. A long time ago, they used it in Antarctica.

Chloe S | I liked the trip because we sang, walked, and watched a movie in the museum.

Aria | We went to Aoraki on the bus and we went to the museum. I was with Alexis and her Dad, and in the movies I sat next to Abbey. I loved it!

Babish | We went to the lake and my favourite part was the walk. We went to the theatre and we had fun.

Kendall | A funny thing on the way back from the walk, I walked into Alice's hat and then everything got blurry!