This week, Mrs Staniford received some persuasive writing letters from Room 7 ākonga. They ranged from wishing for a school disco, and bringing your 'wheels' to school, to wearing your slippers in class! 🪩 🛴 🥿 However, Mrs Staniford's reply surprised everyone!

I arrived at my office to find a display of 18 pieces of persuasive writing from Room 7. How wonderful it was to receive the thoughts of our youngest students on ways to improve their school experience.

I enjoyed reading about their future aspirations, and the ways they have identified to make their goals happen.

Ka pai, Room 7 - I know you’ll help mould the future of our fabulous school. This is my response to the class.

Mrs Staniford

Persuasive Writing29

Persuasive Writing20

Persuasive Writing22

Persuasive Writing27

Persuasive Writing28

Persuasive Writing26

Mrs Staniford's reply...dinosaur lollies, chocolate fish and a letter!

Room 7 Reply

Persuasive Writing21

You can read all the letters here: Room 7 Persuasive Writing Letters