Science teacher Denise Arkless is planning to start a group that goes out after school on Thursdays this term and term 1 in 2023 to work on wilding pine removal. 🌲🌲🌲 Check out the details here...

Starting in week 4 (Thursday 10th November), we will meet in the Foyer at 3.15 pm and return at 4.30 pm. It will be open to Year 4 upwards, younger students are welcome but will need to be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

We plan to take students out to North West Arch when a minibus is available and the river track when it is not. We will learn about wilding pines and how to remove them safely - we will also be working with Haeleigh who is the community coordinator of wilding pine removal. 

Parents will be asked to complete a permission slip before we can take the students out.