What an action-packed start for Term 4 with Room 8 ākonga involved in many learning opportunities. From Seesaw to maths, and let us not forget some awesome Halloween artwork!

We had Nickki taking a session using Seesaw and the photo tool to help design a school playground.

Img 1946

During a DMIC math session, we had Jane come in and go through a multiplication problem using some equal sharing and times tables. 

Img 1939

With Halloween coming up we are using geometric shapes to create a 3D art piece. This involves some very precise cutting and colouring using the special paint felt.

Img 1955

Lastly, a small glimpse into the dance practices that are happening this week. I'm sure you will love seeing this on Friday when they present along with the rest of the school. 

Practising For The Dance Presentation

A huge congratulations to all the ākonga in Room 8 that were involved in the Hard Labour Weekend showing amazing perseverance and persistence.