We're so excited to be able to share the amazing NCEA results our students have achieved despite the adversity of 2020 and 2021. Results like these don't happen by accident - they come from the commitment of our learners and our staff plus the support of our whānau.

You'll find a downloadable link from NZQA here which shows a report of the school's results over the years. The blue line is Twizel Area School, red is the national results, and green shows the results of other decile 8 schools. Our students, for both pandemic years, have surpassed national and decile expectations in both NCEA and University Entrance. Everyone at school, and in our wider community should be proud of the achievements shown.

In 2021, we also share congratulations with our Merit and Excellence endorsed students. Nationally, across all three NCEA levels, 23.3% of students achieve this accolade - at Twizel Area School in 2021 38% of our students were awarded Merit and Excellence endorsements. Truly amazing levels of achievement!

Tas Ncea 2021