Ākonga in M1 and M2 have completed their Power Challenge this week. After designing and building their own windmills, students were tasked with powering as many lights as possible! 💡

Their printed circuit board (PCB) was attached to their windmills and students had to light as many lights as they could, trying to light up all 9. As wind energy only accounts for 5% of our power, they also attached a solar panel to help their turbines. Many groups got very close, powering 8 lights with the 9th light flickering! We also took the solar panel into the sunshine and found this was powerful enough to light up all 9 lights by itself! 

Thank you to Ella from Meridian for her support throughout the challenge. We have certainly learned lots about how we power our town.

Img 0801

Img 0792

Img 0813 (Rotated)

The Wonder Project Power Challenge: https://wonderproject.nz/programmes/power-challenge