Term 1 | Week 6
Kia ora e te whānau,

I hope you are all well? We’ve reached week 6 of our term, and have made lots of progress in learning despite the potential for fast-paced change as many of the schools around us are impacted by COVID cases in their staff and students.

I’d like to confirm (again), that at the time of writing, the school has no active COVID cases. If you need to let us know about your child testing positive, you can call the office (03) 435 0650, or email [email protected] (monitored out of hours). We can help you to identify any school-based close contacts and notify them on your behalf.
If you would like to report a perceived breach of the government settings by the wider community in Twizel, please do this by following the steps on the Unite Against COVID site: covid19.govt.nz/news-and-data/report-a-breach rather than calling the school. It is very upsetting for our office staff to have to field calls from community members making accusations that we have active cases at school that we are not disclosing. This is not the case. Again, here is the procedure we’ll be following should a case arise (N.B. slight adaptations may apply as the government is now in phase 3 where casual contacts are no longer notified).

Last week, we released our online 2021 School Magazine / Yearbook. If you would like to pre-order a printed version, you are welcome to fill out our 'Register an Interest' Form here. We'll be selling them at the same price it costs to print them - $25 each.

Earlier this week, our newly formed PB4L-SW (Positive Behaviour for Learning - School-Wide) team met with John Taylor from the Ministry of Education to begin implementation. The in-school lead, Melissa McLellan will update the community soon with our intentions. The initial training helped us to establish our immediate needs and to develop some plans for the future. One of the key documents we’ll be working with is ‘Teaching for Positive Behaviour’ which can be viewed here. Part of the PB4L outcomes is, of course, the Peer Mediation Team that we already have in action at school. It has been great to see our young people gain the confidence and ability to role model our desired playground behaviours, and show others the way too. I’ve already observed and acknowledged strong whānaukataka and ārahi from the team.

At the time this newsletter is being sent, I am away in Christchurch with the Ministry of Education Property Team and architects attached to our rebuild project. They are facilitating a tour of three schools (Hillmorton Middle School, Mairehau Primary School and Kaiapoi High School) to help me conceptualise the possibilities for our new school, learning environments and grounds. I’ll let you know what this experience was like next week!

On Monday, we intend to farewell our M4 students as they embark on a 3-day tramp - this is the first of our Middle School Camps. I wish you well on your journey.

A reminder there is a Kāhui Ako Teacher Only Day scheduled for Thursday next week (17th March). This is an online workshop for our teachers across the Southern Area Schools, the highlight of which is a presentation from Joanne Quinn, a global leader and researcher from NPDL (New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning). I’m so glad we’ll be able to engage with her as she quite literally wrote the book on NPDL. I know this will have an impact on our future teaching and learning strategies. Thank you for your support in providing this essential time for teacher development.

He waka eke noa,

Kate Staniford
Tumuaki | Principal

From the Head Students

Head Student Louie Skinner has news about the newly elected House Captains and upcoming events at TAS to share with you.


2021 Yearbook | Register an Interest

Last week, we released our online 2021 School Magazine / Yearbook. If you would like to pre-order a printed version, you are welcome to fill out our 'Register an Interest' Form here.


Junior Swimming Display

With Swimming Sports being cancelled, ākonga from Rooms 13, 4, and 5 had their own swim display yesterday.


Rain, Clouds & M2

On Friday, M2 ākonga were once again busy in the Science Lab, continuing their learning programme about the water cycle.


A Room 9 Tradition

There is one tradition that is eagerly awaited by new (and old) students in Room 9...painting their desks!



D.E.A.R. or Drop Everything And Read is a school-wide programme from years 1-13. Every day at 10.50 (straight after Interval) we are all encouraged to sit down and pick up our favourite book for some daily reading time.


Ukraine Non-Uniform Day

Twizel Area School is having a Non-Uniform Day on Friday 18th March to raise funds for the people of Ukraine.


Room 9 Weather Reports

Room 9 ākonga have been keeping a weather diary for the month of February, with Mrs. Mullon.


What is Social Science?

Some whaakaro/thoughts by our Year 8 students about what they view Social Science as and why it is important to them.


Feelings, Emotions & Colours

Room 13 students have been writing about feelings and emotions, using colours as a descriptor.


Teacher Only Day | March 17th

Thursday, 17th March there will be no classes due to a Kāhui Ak Teacher Only Day.


Student Holiday Request

We all need a holiday from time to time, but it's very important that the school is notified about this and in plenty of time. You can do this through the school portal...


Life Education

Harold and the Life Education bus are returning to Twizel Area School, delivering their programme to Year 1-8 ākonga commencing Monday 14th March.


Lucky Book Club | Issue 1 2022

The first issue of the Scholastic Lucky Book Club for 2022 is now available, orders need to be in by Friday 8th April. You can order through the Scholastic website or the Book Clubs Loop app.


Go Home, Stay Home: Self-Isolation Survival Tips

Sooner or later, you may find yourself having some quality whānau time at home. Here are some self-isolation tips from a Mum who has recently experienced it!


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→ Friday, 11th March — M4 Camp - Challenge Day
→ Monday, 14th to Wednesday, 16th March — Life Education Year 1-8
→ Monday, 14th to Wednesday, 16th March — M4 Camp
→ Thursday, 17th March — Kahui Ako Jumbo Day - Teacher Only Day
→ Friday, 18th March — Ukraine Non-Uniform Day
→ Tuesday, 22nd March — M3 Camp - Challenge Day
→ Wednesday, 23rd to Friday, 25th March — M3 Camp

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