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Your child’s stationery pack will contain everything they require to start the year. Stationery Packs can be purchased directly from the school office, although you can also use the lists below to purchase online or in-store at a stationery store of your choice. 

Class Stationery Pack prices for 2022, when purchased from the school office are listed here:

ClassCost ($) Per Stationery Pack
Room 735.50
Room 831.50
Room 922.50
Room 1335.50
Room 426.00
Room 517.00
Seniors | Year11-13Dependant on subjects/courses undertaking.

Stationery Lists for 2022

Please note, stationery packs bought at school do not necessarily contain everything listed on the class lists.

When your child requires additional items, they are available from the school office (in order to minimise disruption to the flow of learning), additional items will be added to your account. When the student’s account for extra stationery reaches $20, parents will be contacted so they can include this in their home budget planning.

Additional stationery costs purchased from the school office can be found here: