During any potential lockdown period, students at Twizel Area School will attend online classes run by their teachers using Zoom. This gives students plenty of tools to interact with each other and the teacher, work together, and even break off into smaller groups - just as if they were sitting with each other in a classroom, but from the comfort of their own home.

Zoom is available to download in all its different formats from the Download Centre. Teachers may also opt to use video apps such as Google Hangouts for their online lessons.

Students will receive a link for their class in either an email or they will be available via their timetable.

Zoom Etiquette For Students


  • Find a clean, quiet space and dress appropriately.
  • Let all household members know when and where you will be in class, and ask them not to disturb you.
  • Make sure your full name shows up appropriately.
  • Be aware of your background, lighting, and noise.
  • Mute until you are required to talk. Use the Zoom functions to communicate if needed (chat, raise your hand, answer yes/no, etc.).
  • Use an appropriate zoom background if you wish.
  • Turn off/silence your cellphone and close other windows on your computer.
  • Be on time for class. Communicate with your instructor (via their preferred communication method listed on the syllabus) if you will be late or if you lose your connection during class.
  • Pay attention! Maintain eye contact with the speaker on the screen.
  • Be prepared to take notes (on your computer or in a designated notebook) or to access course material.


  • Enter a Zoom that you weren't invited to, share the Zoom access information for your class with others, or enter under a different name.
  • Take screenshots, cell phone pictures, or otherwise record the meeting, your classmates, or your instructor without express permission to do so.
  • Change your name or change your Zoom background during the meeting.
  • Walk around during the class meeting.
  • Use the chat for side conversations with classmates.
  • Sit in front of a window or bright light, this will make your face too dark to see.
  • Have conversations with household members off camera.
  • Allow household members to walk around behind you during the meeting.
  • Engage in texting, social media, work from other classes, or other distractions while in class.

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