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Stage 1

Covid is not in the school community and many/most teachers/students are available for work and learning
  • Normal timetable underway with usual teaching and learning procedures
  • A small number of students may be medically unable to attend school, hard copy or digital work is available and marked by the teacher
  • Teachers are creating work and updating online resources for the possibility of moving into Stage 2 or 3
  • Staff are monitoring student sickness and the office will isolate and send home where required
  • Educational professionals are on-site with students
  • Lunchtime is separated for Y0-3 and Y4-6 to different areas to allow more space
  • Rm 7,8,9 and 13 enter through the classroom external doors, Rm 4 and 5 through the main entrance and Y7-13 through Mt. Cook Street

Stage 2

Low numbers of COVID in the school community, 30% of the school staff are unavailable for work (e.g. 2 Primary Staff or 4 Secondary Staff)
  • At-risk staff and students are working from home, relievers can be used in classes
  • No external professionals on-site for learning support
  • Partial timetable collapse which could see classes learning from home (primary), or having self-directed learning sessions within the possible timetable (secondary)
  • Possible staggered start and end to the day

Stage 3

High numbers of COVID in the school community, 70% of the school staff are unavailable to work (e.g. 4 Primary Staff or 9 Secondary Staff)
  • School is catering in-person only to students under the age of 14 who cannot be supervised at home 
  • All learning is online, but may be self-directed if the teacher is too unwell to provide work
  • Students in attendance will be taught by whichever teachers are fit to attend school, daily RAT testing may be in place for emergency teachers to allow the school to remain open
  • MoE may deploy centralised teachers if necessary

If you need to contact Twizel Area School out of hours, regarding COVID-19, email [email protected]