Please read the information attached, regarding the 2022 Health Consultation. An integral part of the consultation process is the opportunity for parents/caregivers to comment on the Health programme and provide feedback. You can do this via the accompanying survey.

Under Section 60B of the Education Act 1989 (as amended in 2001), boards of trustees are required to produce a written statement about how the school will implement health education, inform the school community about the content of the health education components of the curriculum, and consult with members of the school community regarding the way in which the school should implement health education.

The process of this consultation requires information on the proposed health education programme being presented to the school community, providing an opportunity for the school community to comment, then comments being considered before confirming the health education programme. This process is to occur every 2 years.

Click the link here to complete our Health Consultation survey:

This survey closes on Friday 30th September at 3 pm.